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Client Education Handouts

We are pleased to make these useful handouts available to our clients. These handouts were developed by the doctors at Medical Center for Birds. Please keep in mind that these are not substitutes for establishing and maintaining a relationship with a qualified avian veterinarian. We recommend that your bird visit an avian veterinarian at least once annually for an examination and discussion of behavior, diet, and general care. The information in these handouts should always be discussed with your avian veterinarian prior to implementation.
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Handouts Diet Adjustment 2010.pdf
Handouts Feather Care 2010.pdf
Handouts Identification 2010.pdf
Handouts Identification 2010.pdf
Handouts-Behavior Intro - 2010.pdf
Handouts-Feather Damaging Behavior 2010.pdf
Handouts-Foraging 2010.pdf
Handouts-Pair Bonding 2010.pdf
Handouts-Socialization and Basic Training 2010.pdf