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Fluoroscopy is a type of real-time radiograph (x-ray) which displays on a video monitor. This adds a third dimension of time to ordinary x-rays and allows us to distinguish foreign bodies in the GI tract. With the addition of barium contrast agents, this allows us to watch the GI tract in motion. Also, since the unit is mounted on a flexible C-arm and does not use film, we can take pictures while your bird is comfortably perched and unaware of what is being done. This is a great asset when we need to take images, but the patient is too sick to undergo anesthesia or withstand the stress of restraint.

Here are a couple of examples of fluoroscopic images. These files are very large (5-10 MB) and may take a while to download...

Fluoro Video 1:The crop and bird's head are to the right, watch the stomach and intestines as they mix and move contrast through the GI tract. You can appreciate the absence of intestinal content in the upper back portion of this bird's abdominal cavity region, which is where a space-occupying, impacted oviduct was identified and ultimately surgically removed. You can also see breathing and the heart beating.

Fluoro Video 2: The crop and bird's head are to the left. Watch for contrast material to move from the crop down into the stomach, which is in the center of the frame.


CT Scan